How to feed the world?

My friend Justin posted on his blog (it’s here and it’s good, but you have to be a VIP to read it) a link to a video he successfully guilted me into watching. Well, truth be told, he simply “highly encouraged” his readers to watch it and kindly reminded everyone that, although he wouldn’t be able to find out who watched it and who didn’t, Jesus would know. And in the end he said “please.” That pretty much did the job for me. How could I not watch it and not link it here? I thought I was no longer vulnerable to that kind of emotional blackmail, but—surprise—I am.

It’s a down-to-earth while thought-provoking video on unequal food distribution around the world. Just like me, you might feel uncomfortable remembering (or realizing) that not everyone out there has access to a nourishing meal—but it’s a bit comforting to remember (or to realize) that you can actually do something about it, by using your money wisely and thereby incentivizing changes for the better.

But I’ll say no more about the video. I don’t mean to guilt you into watching it. I’ll just say that, if I were you, I’d watch it. 😉 How to feed the world?

(Incidentally, it fits very neatly in a blog with an accent—the narrator in the video, too, has an accent: a British one.)

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